Facebook Advert Management

What we do centres around the setup and management of Facebook ads. You'll have your very own account manager who is an expert in digital marketing for a wide range of industries.

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Join Over 500+ Businesses

We’re currently marketing for over 300 businesses in a wide range of industries, including car dealerships, construction, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and more - see specific case studies below for each industry

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Mobile Optimised Landing Page

You'll also get a mobile optimised landing page, displaying perfectly on mobile devices (80% of browsing traffic is on mobiles so this is essential).

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Low Monthly Fee

There are no catches, hidden costs or contracts, just a low monthly fee for our services. Join the 500+ businesses we're helping worldwide.

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About Us Our Story

We know exactly how to build a business from scratch and grow it fast using the most effective and cost efficient Marketing techniques, because we've done it ourselves...twice. We’re absolute experts when it comes to digital marketing, we own 2 of the biggest internet companies in Ireland - DealRush.ie and LoveWeddings.ie.

We are now helping over 300 businesses worldwide through Marketing4Everyone, with our expert account managers setting up and managing their Facebook ads, and creating high enquiry rates through our professionally designed landing pages.

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Our Work Case Studies

Below are a few case studies of businesses we have helped.

Case Study Example: Dublin Flooring Company

In this example, we worked with a Dublin based door and flooring company, driving 1,194 people to their website for just €49 ad spend. This ad got the highest possible ad relevance score of 10, which means Facebook are rewarding the relevance of the ad to the target audience. This in turn means the client only paid 4 cents per click!

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Case Study Example: Dublin Restaurant

We ran an offer for one of the restaurants we're working with. This offer for a meal for 2 was claimed by 319 people on this ad alone, 855 people in total with other ads.

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Case Study Example: Cork Motor Dealership

One of the car dealerships we are working with in Cork has only spent €32 to date, and has had 648 clicks - these are clicks on a really specific carousel ad showing cars for sale with pricing details, so every click is someone who is genuinely interested in the product.

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Case Study Example: Dundrum Personal Trainer

One of the personal trainers we are working with in Dundrum has had 1,037 clicks on their ad - these are clicks on a really specific carousel ad about their €99pm package, so every click is someone who is genuinely interested in this offer.

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Case Study Example: Dublin Massage Clinic

With just €19 spent on ads and we've driven 35 new customers to their loyalty programme in the first couple of days, each paying for their first massage upfront giving them €1400 revenue instantly from just €19 ad spend.

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Case Study Example: Water Filtration Company

In this example, we worked with an Irish water filtration installation company, driving 833 people to click on their ad for just €172 ad spend. 27 people enquired about booking in for the system using the enquiry form - each booking is worth €179, meaning the ad drove a total booking value of €4833 from form enquiries alone.

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Case Study Example: Dublin Cleaning Company

We are getting fantastic results for businesses in the cleaning industry, including general house cleaning services, oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning & more.

In this example, we drove 852 targeted people to click on their ad for just €98 ad spend.

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Facebook Ad Campaign Management

We started 2 of the fastest growing companies in Ireland - DealRush and LoveWeddings. DealRush has over 450,000 members, and LoveWeddings has now become multi-national and expanded into Portugal and the UK.

In 2016, we launched Marketing4Everyone - a rapidly expanding digital Marketing company working with over 300 businesses worldwide. We have our own team of experts in Facebook marketing, and have grown our own multi-national companies with the same tools we’ll use to sky-rocket your sales.

We only charge €59 a month for our service. Think of us as the cheapest and best employee you’ve ever had. This is quality help that you can trust - it’s the best €59 you’ll ever spend!

You'll be assigned your own personal account manager, who is a whizz at advanced targeting, ad creative and retargeting techniques that really deliver. We ensure that you only pay per click on your ads, but your ads will reach thousands of targeted potential customers - that way you get unbeatable brand awareness for FREE - you only pay for the ones who click.

Not only that, we can create a mobile optimised landing page at no extra cost to link your Facebook ads to. These landing pages are key to turning clicks into enquiries. With over 80% of people browsing the internet on mobiles, it’s never been more important to ensure you’re linking people to a perfectly mobile optimised page - we’ll take care of this for you.

Facebook is the most cost effective advertising platform, and when it’s done right, the return you’ll get from your ads is mind-blowing. Contact us now - we'll give you a quick 5 minute, no obligation call to explain everything.


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Our Work Web Design

We can design you a professional website that’s fully optimised for mobile, in keeping with the latest design trends and we’re focused on fair prices
Car Mechanic Rap Rad MFG Ltd www.raprad.ie
Events The Adventure Agency www.adventure.ie
Restaurant Ristorante Mia Maria
Wood Design Stuart Malcolm Wood Design www.smwooddesign.ie

Our Clients Testimonials

Colleen and Sabrina Dublin Skin and Laser Clinic
We have just recently signed up with Owen at dealrush.ie to help us with our Facebook ads. Having been contacted by several companies in the past we were sceptical as to whether he could deliver on all that was being promised. We entered an agreement with some reluctance but appreciated Owen and his team had skill that we didn't. In order to minimise our risk we only committed EUR50 to the first ad campaign.

Nicola Sunflower Studios
I am seeing a big improvement in visitors to my website - i'm guessing you sent it out on Tuesday? As there was a big spike in visitors then. I also noticed that the bounce rate is much lower than any other source, so you are obviously targeting the right people who will be genuinely interested in my business :) Great work, i'm interested in seeing what else I can do with you guys to keep the leads coming!
The Great Escape Band
We've been using the service for just about a year now, and what we've found is that they are the first advertising site that does exactly what they say. As a wedding supplier we want our product to be directed at the right consumers, in saying all this, they have delivered in every aspect for us and at a realistic advertising price. Traffic to our site from the service is better than any other website we are with. Always at the end of an email to discuss your needs and available to help in any way they can. Top service.


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